CityServe 2013, our church’s annual focus on our mission efforts in Memphis, will be the weekend of - Sept  27th thru 29th.  This year our theme is “Our City / Our Children” and our special focus will  be on our ministry partners serving children in under-resourced neighborhoods in our city.

Most of the weekend events are to a great extent dependent upon connections with and involvement of our Congregational Communities.  I want to make you aware of several matters relating to the weekend and would greatly appreciate your support in encouraging the participation of your CC.

1.    Community Issues Forums on  Critical Issues for Children in our City

Wednesday, September 25th    - “Family Life in our City”
6:15 p.m.  Fellowship Hall (following Midweek meal)

Friday  September  27th    ”Education in our City:  Challenges and Opportunities”
6:30 p.m. - Sanctuary

2.    CityServe Saturday ,  September 28th

This is an opportunity for our members through their Congregational Communities   to visit a neighborhood where a ministry partner serves, to learn about the ministry from the leader of the ministry, and to interact with kids served by the ministry.  We anticipate again assigning two or more CC’s to each designated ministry site.  We will be providing more information about the projects within the next few weeks.  This will be coordinated through your CC Service Officer.  Please help us in promoting participation in this event.

3.    Speakers in Congregational Communities on Sunday September 29th

As we have done in past years, we will have most likely 2 ministry partner representatives assigned to speak in your CC that morning.   This is a wonderful opportunity for your CC to interact with ministry leaders in our city and to learn directly from a ministry leader about their ministry and needs in our city.  Please advise me promptly if for any reason you would not be able to host a ministry leader on Sept 29th .  We will be making assignments shortly so if you have a particular preference among our ministry partners, please let me know.  We will make an effort to accommodate any preferences.

This is a major weekend in the life of our church, and I appreciate so very much your support and participation.   Please pray for God’s blessing on all the events of that weekend.

Eddie Foster

HFL Christmas Party

December 7, 2012

HFL Class Description

January 10, 2011

This class emphasizes the importance of studying God’s Word daily and offers a discussion format that encourages self-examination and a strong sense of fellowship and community. Participants find the class encourages their faith and their marriages. The class is mostly comprised of, but not limited to, couples in their 30s and 40s.